February 01, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth

A Disneyland meme from elsewhere on teh internets...

Do you ever go shopping in the shops in Downtown Disney?
You could say that

Do you often use the restroom next to City Hall?
Absolutely not. I only use the restroom in Adventureland right past the gate as you walk in. Why? Because everyone uses the City Hall restroom.

Do you walk through the shops on Main St. before going on a ride?
Nope--I'm usually on a mission to get on a ride.

Do you prefer the day time or the night time?
Every time is the right time, baby.

What is your favorite place to eat?
The corn dog stand--best value for your money in the park!

Have you ever been to the House Of Blues? Who have you seen there?
Yes--I've seen multiple people--several servers, a huge number of guests, and one time I caught a glimpse of a cook. Didn't get his autograph though.

Do you have an annual pass?
Something like that

How often do you visit Disneyland?
Inside the park? Every fortnight or so (a fortnight is 2 weeks. I'm currently on a campaign to bring back this very useful term into the English language)

How often do you go to California Adventure?
Almost never, cause it's kind of lame.

13. Do you fly or drive to get to Disneyland?
I haven't been able to master that flying thing, so I drive. Also, why is this question numbered? What was wrong with 1-12 that they didn't get numbers? I think they're probably very sad right now. Oh--I just counted--there are 9 questions before this. So 10, 11, and 12 are probably very, very sad.

14. What is your favorite hotel to stay at?

15. Do you own any Disney DVDs?
Not a one. Ha.

When was the first time you visited Disneyland?
Who knows? I was a baby. Also, it looks like only 13, 14, and 15 were special enough to get numbers. That's not very Disney-friendly at all.

Do you enjoy visiting California Adventure?
No, it's kinda lame

What is your favorite attraction at Disneyland?
Space Mountain

Do you attend the parades?
Sure--now that I go a lot I have extra time on my hands.

What's the longest amount of time you've had to wait to get on a ride? Was it worth it?
I've waited for a lot of rides. I think the longest was probably just under 5 hours when Splash Mountain first opened (like, the first week it opened). Was it worth it? HELL NO. I mean it's a great ride and all but COME. ON. Learned that lesson when Finding Nemo opened. We waited until no one was there and only waited 35 minutes to get on that one.

Do you like to visit Disneyland when it's hot and crowded?
Absolutely! What's there not to love about standing around with sweat pouring off of you next to hundreds of other people who are all in a bad mood with horribly whiny children waiting ridiculous amounts of time for an unsatisfyingly short ride? Why, it's almost as much fun as waiting five hours for Splash Mountain! Almost.

How much do you normally spend on 1 visit?
Usually nothing, unless I visit the corn dog stand

3 attractions that are a must every time you visit?
Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, and something that takes place in a boat (pick one)

Would you like to work at Disneyland?
I'd rather work just outside of Disneyland

Do you have a picture of yourself in front of the Castle?
Yep. It's mandatory. Like if you don't take one, I'm pretty sure there's a Death Squad of cast members who hunt you down and kill you.

Who is your favorite character?
Bambi's mother. Sadly, her career was very short-lived.

Have you ever met Walt Disney or anyone related to him?
Well, Walt's been a bit on the deceased side for over 40 years, so it's a negative on that one. His surviving daughter is a recluse, and his nephew Roy only comes out for photo shoots (to avoid the Death Squad by taking an occasional picture in front of the castle) so I'm going to give that one a "no" too.

Who is your favorite cast member?
I have a lot of respect for the guy who cleans up the horse poop after the parades or the streetcar thingy. Anyone who can do that with a smile should be making well over minimum wage.

Have you ever been backstage?
Yes--there was this one time where I saw a character walking around with no head and I was so emotionally traumatized I sued Disney and am a millionaire today.

Do you like the Jungle Cruise?
Only if the guide is funny. If he or she is not, I contact the Death Squad

Have you ever been unhappy at the happiest place on earth?
Only once, and I got really winded running from the Death Squad

Have you ever done anything naughty at the Happiest Place on Earth?
Let's just say that it's not really such a small world after all

Have you ever been to Walt Disney World in Florida?
Yes--I was very unimpressed. But I still want to go again.

Would you go on a day that you knew it was going to be very crowded?
If it were a very unique day, but only to mock the people who paid huge amounts of money to wait in very long lines, like for Splash Mountain or something

Have you ever had a corn dog from the cart on Main St.?

Do you enjoy the Barbershop Quartet?
I strongly suspect that the "Barbershop Quartet" is a clever disguise for the Death Squad

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