February 21, 2008

Up With Hillary

Does anyone else remember Up With People? Up With People is a performing group started in the late 60s to spread the message of peace and cooperation, or something. It consists of a cast of multi-national singers and dancers who travel around the world, do service projects where they land, and spread the message of peace and tolerance everywhere they go by putting on a show. It's the ultimate in feel-good entertainment.

I had thought that UWP was defunct, but gladly I was wrong. UWP is still going strong! Their website highlights some of their greatest moments, including a number of Superbowl halftime shows, performing for the Pope and presidents, and the summer of 1983 spent performing at Sea World in San Diego. But the most surprising thing for me was that they performed quite recently--at the 2008 Rose Parade in Pasadena! And to compound my surprise, the marching band accompanying them is from the university where I got my graduate degree! Here's a video of Up With People from the Rose Parade to show you how Up they are.

Which brings me to Hillary. While Obama has supporters who make kickass movies like the Yes We Can video, and spawns equally kickass spoofs like the McCain takeoff, Hillary has a group of supporters who, in September 2007, made their own very unfortunate video. Far from inspiring, this one makes you cringe and feel sorry for Hillary, even if you hate her. Seriously--nobody deserves this. This video is so Up With People-esque it's hard not to draw the obvious comparison. Sadly, Up With People solidly wins this round.

Posted by Shelby at February 21, 2008 12:01 AM