July 15, 2008

Consult your crystal ball!

On the 24th we have an ultrasound that will hopefully tell us whether or not we're having a little Biff (boy) or Buffy (girl). Here's your chance to practice your psychic abilities! Consult your crystal ball, your Chinese astrology, your old wives tales, or your canny intuition and vote (right hand side of the blog, scroll down if you don't see the poll) on whether you think we're having a girl or a boy. You've got a 50% chance of being right, so take a chance!

And cross your fingers that the baby won't be shy on the 24th and keep us in suspense--haha.


Posted by Shelby at July 15, 2008 06:50 PM

I had a gut feeling it would be a Buffy, but I asked my Magic 8 Ball just to be sure. "It is decidedly so." So there you have it. Buffy.

Posted by: staz at July 16, 2008 09:46 AM

I think it's a Biff!

Posted by: Melinda at July 16, 2008 10:30 AM

I'm hoping for a Buffy so you don't have to worry about Vampires. If it's a Biff you have all that time travel to deal with....

Posted by: Sherri at July 16, 2008 11:33 AM

I'm feeling GIRL.

Posted by: Katrina at July 17, 2008 06:15 AM

Dear Shelby, if i understood now, you are pregnant?!!! Much congratulations from us and Toi Toi toi.. that all would be good!!!!!
For 3,5 Month I became a boy, so now Marie-Louise had a brother Joel Alexander.
Wenn is your time to become a baby?
Best wishes and the nice time,

Posted by: Ira at July 24, 2008 02:07 AM
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