December 02, 2008

No new updates

No baby yet! Today I officially hit 37 weeks. Still having problems with the back, pelvis, and pubic separation, blah blah blah. Very ready to be done. We have 99.8% of the "stuff" we need for Biff's arrival--our only holdouts being minor, like a additional set of 4 small bottles (we're formula feeding) and a changing pad cover. We got all of our Ikea furniture, which was very exciting. Kevin is still working on vacating the baby's room. It's turned out to be a very slow process as he works his way through boxes that haven't been touched since we moved in. He's turned up some fun treasures so far. For example, a polaroid of me and Scout from Scout's graduation from her first obedience class in 1996 at age 6 months (she was so little and cute!) and a random hospital bill from Stanford for $19,000 for one apparently exciting stay. Don't worry, it's not still due.

We also are now the proud owners of a ridiculously large television set. It's been time to replace our old set for a while now. It served us well, but it's not HD and not worth getting a converter box for it, and besides, Kevin wanted a new one. We also are getting cable in a couple of weeks--big move for us as it will literally be the first time we've had cable in 7 years. Kevin researched the flatscreen HD tv market and we checked all of the Black Friday ads looking for a good deal, but to no avail. Black Friday morning, around 8:00, Kevin decided to head over to our local Fry's to see what the store looked like (they did have a good deal going on, but it was unlikely that we'd get it as we just weren't motivated to get in line at 5am, and by "we" I mean "Kevin"). Apparently Fry's looked like a third world country and the checkout line wound back and forth throughout the store like a Disneyland ride (It's A Third World After All??). He decided to swing by Costco on his way back just to see what was going on there. They didn't have any BF specials, but did have a large tv that caught his eye. He came home and researched it online, and found that it was actually an awesome deal. So he went back and bought it, and we are now the proud owners of a 46-inch Sony Bravia LCD HDTV. The Costco price was a minimum of $500 cheaper than we could find it anywhere online. It's bigger than we had been looking at, so we will have to add on to the living room to get some distance to properly view it (haha) but it was a very good deal. And of course, it doesn't fit in our current tv cabinet and Ikea stopped selling that line in the stain we have, so we had to go back to Crate and Barrel and buy the tv stand I've been salivating over. Shucks.

In other exciting news, I found the world's cutest personalized stocking for baby Biff--on sale even! It's this one:

Oops, I guess the secret's out. Yes, we are naming Biff "Amanda." We figure that ought to toughen him up on the playground.

Posted by Shelby at December 2, 2008 09:49 PM

Amanda Hugankiss? Sorry, couldn't resist. Congrats on the new TV! That should make all the crazy childrens' shows you'll be watching nice and large! ;-)

Posted by: Staz at December 2, 2008 10:27 PM
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