December 04, 2008

Another day, another dose of antacid

Yes, I've turned into one of THOSE pregnant women--the ones who can't do anything but bitch about being pregnant. *sigh* I'm officially full-term now, so we could go at any minute. Oh how I wish I would! I'm considering renting a bounce house this weekend. Anyone want to come over and jump around with me?

Biff/Amanda's stocking arrived today (so quickly! Go Pottery Barn Kids!). It's just adorable and totally perfect. It's nice and big, too, which is supremely important for getting the maximum haul from Santa. The UPS man has been consistently delivering Christmas for the last few days especially. I love online shopping! Except the boxes are kind of taking over at this point.

Tomorrow Kevin will be able to haul out our old TV stand and assemble the new one as well as unbox our giganto-tv. Digory is looking forward to watching the Squirrel Channel. Unfortunately the Squirrel Channel doesn't exist. But it should! Can you imagine how lucrative a channel dedicated to edible smaller animals would be for all of the dog and cat lovers in the world? I think it would be a hit.

A friend sent me a huge stash of cloth diapers for Biff so we are all set to be eco-friendly. The diaper service (Dy-Dee Diapers, serving Southern California since 1938!) drops off our first supply of diapers (plus the pail) on Monday. The nice thing about the diaper service is that we don't even have to rinse or swirl the diapers in the toilet. You just drop the soiled one in the pail and they take it away and give you new ones. I gotta say, Diaper Service Launderer wouldn't be at the top of my list of desired jobs. But it will be much more convenient for us. I get all gung-ho about cloth diapers until I think about having to wash them. Then--not so much. So we'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow I get my ICD checked. At the last check (2 months ago) the battery was started to wear down. I'm due for a replacement soon, but hopefully not REALLY soon. Heh. Actually it will probably be a few more months yet. The device is almost 7 years old, so it's served me well.

Nothing else to report here.

Posted by Shelby at December 4, 2008 11:22 PM
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