January 13, 2009

Does it still count as my morning shower if I take it at 8:30 at night?

I had an extremely productive and extremely unproductive day today. It started out very well. I got several things done that I wanted to do--put the mattress cover on the crib mattress, remove the crib bumper, figure out what to do with the crib bumper (more on that later), put the sheet back on the mattress and the mattress back in the crib, threw some laundry in, put the proper bag in the diaper pail (we have a diaper service and so need the bag with our account information taped to it), and most importantly, gave the baby a bath. Which he loved. Not. Oh, the sorrow and sadness in the world, as expressed by Theo during his bath! I even got him to sleep in his crib for a little while (more on that later) and got the baby monitor working. And we had Tummy Time!

And then we hit the afternoon.

Meet the bouncy chair.


Theo is a Big Fan of the bouncy chair. And by Big Fan I mean Refuses To Sleep Anywhere Else. Yes, I'll admit it. My son has, for a good 2 weeks of his very short life, slept in the bouncy chair nearly all of his sleeping time. If that makes me a bad parent, so be it. Don't worry--his airway is clear. I checked.

Now the bouncy chair has two main features. One is that it has "Calming Vibrations" (battery not included) and the other is that it bounces, either when the baby moves, or if you press on it with your foot or hand. Theo thoroughly enjoys both of these features. So much so that he really can't/won't sleep on a non-moving, non-vibrating flat surface. Like, oh, say, a crib or bassinet. The problem is that in order to keep the bouncy chair bouncing, you have to physically move it yourself. This gets tedious. I mean he does eventually sleep without you having to bounce it, but that can be a challenge. I have had varying degrees of success weaning him off the bouncy chair by stopping the bouncing, then shutting off the Calming Vibrations, and then moving him to his crib, and this would of course be the ultimate goal, but said success is fleeting.

So after my very productive morning, I basically spent the entire afternoon making the bouncy chair bounce. Which is precisely what I'm doing right now.

(We do have a swing, which I pray will remove the necessity of bouncing the bouncy chair yourself, but it was defective and we're waiting on the manufacturer to send us a new motor. Lovely.)

Posted by Shelby at January 13, 2009 09:20 PM

Yes, you have a head-start on tomorrow's shower.


(you probably noticed this already)


Theo is very tiny.

Babies are so tiny when they start I really don't believe they actually grow into people. How can a full adult start so precious and wee?

Canoodle him well.

Posted by: Suzanne :: Adventures in Daily Living :: at January 14, 2009 12:17 AM

He might grow out of this mini-phase in a week or so, and will probably get used to the crib as the weeks pass. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

And like I always think to myself when facing this kind of thing, "it won't be like this when he goes to college!"

We have bouncy love over here too. :)

Posted by: Anita at January 14, 2009 10:20 PM
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