January 17, 2009


Well the little mouse is sleeping in his crib right now. I hope he's able to get back there after Kevin takes over for the night shift. He made a little trip to the doctor on Friday--he had a small rash on his chest which turned out to be a normal baby rash and will clear up on his own, but because he's so young the doctor likes to see him in person just to be sure. In the meantime, while we were gone, Scout had to go to the vet. Thursday night I noticed that she seemed to be struggling a little to get up the ramp in the back yard. I did a short back examination and thought I got a slight reaction at one spot. I asked Kevin to take a look at her and watch her, and he agreed that she seemed to be a little off-balance, so in she went. Sure enough, it's a flare-up of her back problem. She ended up on IV steroids and spent the night at the vet's, but is luckily back home now. Apparently her back seems to slowly be getting worse, as we expected. She has some calcifications between some vertebrae, and the spaces between other vertebrae are getting smaller. There's not really anything we can do except try to limit her jumping and running and just treat flare-ups as they occur. It's been so windy here, the gate across the stairs has blown open a couple of times. We think she cheats and takes the stairs when the gate is open (the gate covers half the stairs and the other half are covered by the ramp, so when the gate is closed she's forced to take the ramp--but she'd much rather take the stairs and does so every chance she gets). So a little more vigilance with the gate is in order as well. Still, she's going to be just fine. It's nice to have our little Scouter home, although she doesn't really like the crate rest she's being forced to take. It's just for a few days though.

Posted by Shelby at January 17, 2009 11:42 PM
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