February 04, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday--Keeping an infant outfit together on a hanger

Welcome to Shelby's first installment of Works For Me Wednesday!! What is WFMW, you ask? It's a blog roundup of tips people post--something that works for them that they want to share with the blogosphere. I discovered WFMW through my blogger friend Suzanne (whose blogging prowess I greatly admire). I used to be a big fan of Parent Hacks--a blog devoted to tips and trick submitted by parents, but the author got heavily involved in Momversation--a site that hosts videos of "mom-bloggers" talking about a given subject, and I'm just not that interested in watching videos of women debating a topic--and many of the Parent Hacks entries are now links to Momversation. So enter WFMW! Clicking on the logo below takes you to the roundup page with dozens and dozens of links to other bloggers and their WFMW entries. I've found the tips there to be hit-and-miss, but have picked up quite a few good ideas.

Anyway, now that I'm a Mom and a blogger, I thought I'd take the leap to participating in Works For Me Wednesday. My first WFMW is below--How to keep an infant outfit together on a hanger.

After washing all of Theo's adorable little outfits, I was faced with a problem. For me, clothing is an out of sight, out of mind sort of thing, so clothes in a drawer will likely rarely be worn because I forget I have them. Since babies grow out of clothes so quickly, I think it's pretty easy to miss the window of opportunity for even wearing the outfit once. So I put away all of the bigger outfits (9 months +) and hung the rest in the closet.

The problem THERE was outfits that had both a top and a bottom. I tried folding the bottoms over the hanger with the shirt on top, but baby clothes get much bulkier on the baby hanger than adult clothes. Then I tried hanging the tops and stacking the pants, until I realized that I was going to start forgetting which pants go with which top. I pondered the problem for a while, and then the solution finally occurred to me--hang the pants by their tag!

So here's our outfit:

Cute, hunh? Bulky pants. So I grab the tag and stick my finger through the loop:

Cold wash only? Whatever. I then slide the hanger hook through the tag:

Slide it all the way down and there ya go! Pants and top on one hanger without a ton of bulk!:

From the back:

Did I mention how cute this outfit is? Can't wait until it fits! Now not all pants hang so easily, but it still results in a flatter product than anything else I tried.

I also found that Carters clothes had two separate tags--not a loop. To fix that, I attached a safety pin at the bottom of the tags to create a loop, then hung it on the hanger like normal:


(if you follow the link to WFMW, I'm #288!)

Posted by Shelby at February 4, 2009 03:25 PM

Very cute idea... for people who hang up clothes. Ahem... sorry... but since you're so smart, could you please help and come up with an idea for outfits kept in drawers!! Paaaahhhhleeeezzzzeee!!?!
Drop by my blog if you do... I'll give you full credit.

Posted by: Grateful for Grace at February 4, 2009 08:42 PM
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