March 24, 2009

So what's new here?

Well, not much. The days all kind of blend together when all time is baby time. Theo's doing really well. He's turned into a real Chunky McChunkster. We haven't weighed him recently but I'm sure he's well over 14 pounds by now. He's started smiling (though the smile is very elusive when it comes to the camera) and is awake for longer periods, which makes things a lot more fun. He also sleeps through the night in his own crib, which is awesome. He was baptised in our church on February 15th and we had a fun party afterwards. Pictures pending...

Last weekend Theo and I headed to Disneyland to briefly visit a special young woman. Her name is Rowan and she's the cousin of an internet friend of mine. Rowan, age 10, lives in Arizona but is here in California for a bone marrow transplant at the City of Hope. We've been corresponding for a while, so it was great to meet her and her family. Theo was a big hit. I do have pictures from that online, so click on the cute girl with the cute baby below. Rowan also has her own website and loves visitors, so if you want to shoot her a message on her guestbook, tell her Shelby sent you!

Posted by Shelby at March 24, 2009 10:51 PM

Great to see you all are doing well! Theo is, as always, totally adorable. I love the pics of you all having fun at Disneyland. I think you and Rowan look related! Something around the cheeks. Very cute. I went to her website and sent a cheering comment. I hope she's recovering after her surgery. Thanks for posting that.

Big hugs to you all!

Posted by: Anita at March 26, 2009 11:43 PM
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