May 17, 2009

A bit of a shaker

We had a bit of an earthquake in Southern California here this evening. It turned out to be a 4.7 right near my parents' house (who didn't feel it because they were in the car). I normally don't react much at the smaller ones, but this one lasted a long time (in earthquake terms--"long time" means like 15 seconds, but when you're waiting to see if your bookshelf is going to come crashing down, it's a long time). I was feeding Theo when it hit and initially I stood up, but when it continued and increased in intensity, I headed for the kitchen and ducked-and-covered under the table. No damage or even unsettled things on the shelves, but it was interesting. Boy, my reaction has changed a lot since having Theo! I can't remember the last time I felt compelled to duck and cover!

Theo was completely oblivious. There was no interruption of service with the bottle, so he just kind of looked like "why are we eating on the floor under the table?"

Posted by Shelby at May 17, 2009 11:47 PM
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