May 26, 2009

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

We had a couple very brief tears at swim class tonight. We ended up standing next to "Raymond" aka "The Splasher Kid" who really really REALLY likes to splash his hand. Unfortunately Theo got splashed in the face and that kind of put him off a bit, but after some shushing he regrouped and enjoyed the rest of the class (except where I accidentally got his face wet again and he wasn't expecting it). We're still having a lot of fun and Theo is just as cute as can possibly be in the water. I'm really glad we're doing this early so that he'll never be timid around the water. Although we did have a fuss or two tonight, it was nothing like the little 14-month-old who screamed her entire way through her first lesson and about 75% of this lesson. Her mom was REALLY nice (when one of the other parents said, "Oh yeah, [name] did that too" she responded "Oh good, I'm not a freak."--haha). I think the little girl just needs to get used to it, she definitely did some participation today so that was good. I love our instructor, John. He's very fun, great with the babies, and is just a really nice guy. Theo has taken to him too, so that's great.

We also got to visit with a good friend of mine, Nell. She was in town (from Fresno) so she, her mom, and her cute-as-a-button 20-month-old Meg stopped by for a bit. It was very fun to see them--the first time Nell has met Theo, and the first time I've seen Meg when she wasn't a sleeping infant. Digory was boisterous at first (*sigh*) but Meg really liked him, so he made a friend. Scout of course immediately rolled over for a tummy rub. Because doesn't everyone who walks in the door want to rub her tummy?

Posted by Shelby at May 26, 2009 11:42 PM