June 19, 2009

An entire calamity-free day!

Who says the week doesn't start on Friday? I had an entire day free from trauma and calamity. It's looking up! I saw my primary care doctor re: the knee, and he said normally he'd send me to physical therapy but this looked particularly nasty so he's sending me to an orthopedist. Who will then, I am sure, send me to physical therapy. That's okay though. I love my PT practice and my therapist is great! I can't wait to give him more opportunities to hurt me! Kidding. Mostly.

We were also able to move forward on our plans for Theo's first annual half-birthday party tomorrow. The details aren't going to be 100% what I'd envisioned, but hey, a party's a party, right? So it should be fun. And I'll consider today the start of a brand-new week.

Posted by Shelby at June 19, 2009 11:02 PM
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