July 26, 2009

Yet another reason why I have a kickass husband

So Kevin installed my radio--well, let's just call it a system. Seriously, the only thing this doesn't do is wash the dishes. The main component goes into the stereo slot--it's an LCD screen. The functions are many. First, GPS! For someone who is a chronically lost as I am, GPS is like the world's greatest invention. Now let me intervene here and say that I thought about getting the deluxe model of my car (a Mazda5) but I hate leather seats and the GPS was the only other appealing thing. Okay, so we get this aftermarket system. It's got a GPS that actually attempts to say street names (kinda funny). I also have Bluetooth connectivity, so expect a call from me and my hands-free car phone soon. There's also a backup cam. Since the trunk is kind of high, there's a huge blind spot in backing up. I got spoiled with the Prius and its backup cam, and really worried about running over someone's bicycle, or worse, somebody, because the vision is so impaired. Well this backup cam just kicks ass. I mean the only thing that could possibly be in danger is if a cat were laying underneath the bumper, and any cat that lays underneath the bumper and isn't smart enough to move when the car starts up--well, let's just call that Darwinism. The system of course connects to the radio, and my convenient steering wheel controls also work. The system also has a USB input, which means that I can plug in my iPhone and not only play the music, it charges it at the same time, AND all of the iPod functionality is right there on the touch screen. I no longer need to fumble with the iPod while I'm driving. And here's something super-cool--you can drive with the map and the iPod controls on at the same time. It does some other cool stuff (plays DVD's so I can watch a movie while driving!), and it's just all-around awesome. My husband rocks!

Posted by Shelby at July 26, 2009 11:17 PM

Sweeeeeet. I'm envious! I need this device. Even though I don't have a car. lol.

Posted by: Melinda at July 27, 2009 04:09 AM