August 04, 2009

Happy One-Day-Belated Birthday to my Dad! And also Kevin's Dad, since they share a birthday--how weird is that?

Making my own baby food continues. Today I'm whipping up some chicken and corn chowder--a recipe from a baby food book I checked out from the library. I just happened to have some chicken, corn, and potatoes on hand, so there we go--Theo's first taste of meat! The meat dinners in canned baby food jars really freaks me out. Not that I'm opposed to canned food. In fact, I just bought a bunch of Gerber yesterday, since it was on sale. I saved 29 cents on each! That's two more Vodka Tonics for Mommy tonight.

So speaking of corn, the grocery store had a special on locally-grown corn on the cob yesterday, 8 ears for $2. Who's going to pass that up? Nobody, that's who. But here was the totally weird thing. As I was looking at the corn, two women were there actually shucking the corn before putting it in their baskets, and then just throwing the husks right back into the bin, so you literally have to dig through a ton of corn husks to find the actual pieces of corn. WHO DOES THAT??? And not one, but TWO women were doing it. Another woman said, "Why are you taking them apart?" and one of the women answered, "Because it's less mess at home." Oh, that's nice. Instead you're going to let the grocery store employees clean up your mess, and you're going to make it totally difficult for the rest of us to even find the corn in the bin. I ask you again--WHO DOES THAT???

On Sunday we got back from our weekend in Wisconsin. My grandfather, who passed away in January, was a WWII vet and was being interred in a veteran's cemetary near my grandmother's house. The ceremony was quite beautiful. There was rifle fire, but my dad happened to have ear plugs in his bag and I covered Theo's ears as well, and he didn't even flinch at the sound, so I think he totally didn't hear it, which was nice because I was afraid he'd be terrified. The rest of the weekend was great, out on the lake. I even went tubing for the first time in approximately 20 years. It was really a lot of fun.

Theo did very well on the plane. Minimal crying (except for the takeoff on the return trip, but that was due to an outside issue), but he didn't like his car seat at all (we bought a seat for him). He ended up sleeping in Daddy's arms, about 20 minutes on the way there and about 3.5 hours on the way back. It was very cute, actually.

Posted by Shelby at August 4, 2009 11:40 AM