August 09, 2009

Getting better

Man, I forgot how profoundly knee surgery hurts. Today was certainly better than yesterday, thank goodness, and I know it's going to continue getting better, but boy this is tough. I don't know why, but those soft tissue ligament, tendon, and muscle injuries and surgeries are just the worst pain-wise. I'd rather break a bone any day! But I can already tell this surgery is much better than the last one. This one I can move the leg around with assistance, whereas the last one even touching my leg was agony. I like being able to loosen the brace (the last time was a plaster cast) because i can adjust the ACE bandages and also reach those annoying itches (not around my incision, but the random ones you get at the back of your knee underneath 50,000 layers and a brace--you know, that one). Anyway, I'm looking forward to an increasingly more comfortable day tomorrow and ahead. I see the doctor again on Monday the 17th and if the incision looks good I think I'll start physical therapy then. No problems with the incision so far--I haven't looked at it, but it doesn't hurt or itch and there's no grossness seeping through the bandages so I assume all looks good in there. I'm very curious to see what it looks like--I know there's a long scar on the side--but I have to keep reminding myself that introducing any kind of irritant or bacteria to the area, even with a peek, is a really stupid idea since I'll have the rest of my life to gaze upon the beautiful scar anyway. Patience, young padawan.

Posted by Shelby at August 9, 2009 11:05 PM