August 11, 2009


Life continues to improve on the knee front. Here's a joyful picture for you all. I'm really pleased with the doctor's work. His initials, EL, are there because the surgery center, which I loved, is very thorough regarding medical mistakes. You always hear about those horror stories where they amputate the wrong leg or something, so I was very relieved at this center's approach. Every single person who greets you asks your name, birthdate, and what you're having done on which body part to double-check with your chart. while you're still in pre-op, the surgeon comes in and marks on the body part his initials (I actually had thought he was writing "yes" but when the bandages came off, that's what was there). When you go to the operating room again, they check your chart, your bracelet (or in my case, ankle tag), they ask who your doctor is (matches the initials), again check they've got the right leg and right surgery, right doctor, and right patient, and then you go out.

There are 3 holes for the arthroscope you can see here, and then one longer scar along the side. The longer scar is an open scar and that's where they attached the ligament in 3 places--the kneecap, the thigh bone, and the shin bone in a triangle to anchor it in place. That incision will probably be about 4-5 inches at rest and maybe 6 bent, which is pretty much the same as my other knee, although my other knee has it on the top.

Honestly I'm really impressed wiht how it looks. There's really no bruising and the swelling is much less than I expected. In fact, it actually looked MUCH worse after the initial injury than it does post-surgery, and I think that's the sign of a great doctor. I go back to see him on Monday and then after that, I believe I'll start physical therapy.

I'm doing much better getting up and about too. It's not excrutiating to move my leg around anymore, so I'm getting more stable on the crutches and was even able to take a (sitting) shower. I can't lift my leg back up onto the bed or couch, since the quad muscle was one of the main ones they messed around with, but I'm getting there. So all in all, I'm happy with my progress.

Posted by Shelby at August 11, 2009 01:43 PM