August 19, 2009


So I spent a great deal of today mixing up my latest batch of baby food. It's been pretty random, this making my own food thing. We do give him Gerber, but I'd prefer my own when I can. Basically we just go to the store and buy any organic veggies and fruits that look good and I go to town. We got an immersion blender which is very handy, so I've been kind of throwing together my own recipes and ideas, and so far he's loved all of it. Today was veggie day, so here's what's in the freezer tonight (these are all purees):

Carrots and zucchini
Mashed potatoes with sour cream and butter
Zucchini on its own
Chicken zucchini chowder (chicken, zucchini, potatoes)
Creamy chicken and taters (chicken, potatoes, and unflavored yogurt)

We also had a rotisserie chicken for dinner last night, so I threw the carcass into a pot with some onions and carrots and made myself some chicken stock. I tossed out the carrots but it wasn't until they were already in the trash can that it occurred to me I should just puree those up too. Oops.

Tomorrow will be various combinations of nectarines, pears, blueberries (frozen), and maybe some blackberries we happen to have in the freezer. I'm thinking a nectarine blueberry oatmeal cereal mix sounds really yummy.

Posted by Shelby at August 19, 2009 12:11 AM

Isn't it fun to make your own purees? Mmmm. Rosebud is not into the vegetables so much, unfortunately, but everything else I make for her, she's enjoyed. I made a chicken dish that had 1/4 lb. chicken breast, carrots, apples and onions. I thought it was pretty tasty myself and she ate it right up! I should make that again this week.

Posted by: Melinda at August 19, 2009 01:24 PM