August 26, 2009

And I was doing so well!

Looks like I've fallen back into my blog abandonment ways. *sigh*. Lots going on here though. Theo now has two teeth--the bottom ones. They're really sharp! Teething has been surprisingly non-traumatic for the most part. He had one really rough day two days ago and some general fussiness (we stopped some crying in its tracks today with Baby Orajel) but on the whole, I think he's so good-natured that his default mood is Happy and it takes a lot to throw him off-kilter. Let's hope the rest of the teeth come in without too much pain.

I've started physical therapy on my knee and am already doing well. The differences between this surgery and the one I had on the other knee 17 years ago are phenomenal. I can already bend my knee nearly 45 degrees without pain. It's got a long way to go, but what a massive difference than the first time around. This week I'm working on isometric exercises, but next week I get to start the hard-core bending and range of motion work. I'm not looking forward to the work, but I AM looking forward to the recovery. It's been really tough on Kevin to have two full-time jobs: work and 99% Theo responsibility (the other 1% is my ability to hold him on my lap for a bottle and sit him at his high chair for his Big Boy Food). Add to that the fact that I can't drive and so need to be chauffered everywhere, and I can't carry Theo so wherever Kevin goes, Theo has to go with him since I'm rather useless at home, it's safe to say that Kevin is pretty well worn out. Fortunately I am starting to be able to hobble short distances without the crutches so hopefully I'll be able to get around with both hands free very soon. Plus yesterday a friend of mine picked me up and the two of us and Theo went to Pasadena for some shopping and dinner. Since she could help out with Theo, I think it was nice to be able to give Kevin a bit of a reprieve.

And we have a very special babysitter, Grandma Debbie, coming over tomorrow evening so Kevin and I can get out together. Yay!

Posted by Shelby at August 26, 2009 12:41 AM

Good to hear that you're improving! And that Theo's teeth are coming in without too much, well, gnashing of ... you know. SO nice that your friend could take you and Theo out!! Sending thoughts for energy for Kevin, and recovery for you!

Posted by: Anita at August 26, 2009 11:11 PM