September 03, 2009

What goes on when you're not looking...

So this is what goes on when you're not on Facebook.

Shelby eats Chocolate-Covered Bacon at the Orange County Fair! Yes--it was disgusting. Not because it was chocolate-covered bacon, but because both the bacon and the chocolate were gross individually, which does not combine to a quality product. I may make some of this at home with my own good bacon and good chocolate.

Also, what the hell kind of expression is on the face of the woman behind me???

Like mother, like son...

Fun times at Disneyland with our friends Dave and Chelsea!

Eh, maybe I posted some of these already. I can't remember.
Theo and I take a dip in our inflatable pool in the backyard. It was a bitch to blow up this whale. I mean that literally--it's shaped like a whale. This was, obviously, pre-knee surgery and pre-hair cut.

Posted by Shelby at September 3, 2009 09:41 PM