April 12, 2011

Packet is done!

Being a mom and full-time student is a serious challenge. Even though my low-residency program at Vermont College of Fine Arts gives me the flexability to do my work when I want, it's still a massive amount of work. This last packet I only had 3 weeks to complete. I read 10 books but forgot to annotate one of them (oops) and completely re-worked the short story I've been re-working since January. It's a humorous story so I'm entering it into a scholarship contest for humor stories. Cross your fingers for me to win!

Still, it can be hard to juggle the amount of work required and motherhood. Luckily Theo still takes his nap, and it's a nice long one too, and I'm a night owl by nature so I can get work done late, but this packet was due at 9am this morning and I stayed up, shall we say, much longer than I should have getting it done.

Anyway, done it is, and what a relief!!

Posted by Shelby at April 12, 2011 01:29 PM