August 27, 2011

Good God, it's going to be hot today. We headed out to Disneyland yesterday because our passes were unblocked and my photographer friend Renee was going to get a few shots of us as a private family photo shoot but Theo woke up in a grumpy mood and then got even grumpier as we went along. He refused to ride the carrouself (MY child??? It's like his favorite ride!) and insisted on riding Dumbo, which was fine, but then flipped out over riding an orange Dumbo (wanted a blue) and wanted to sit on the seat by himself (we were all squished in one elephant--not happening). Then it was all about wanting to ride Dumbo again, but we made our way over to the tea cups and for once, I didn't feel sick! Well, a little bit sick, but honestly I haven't been on that ride since I was like 10 and I think it makes a difference if you don't have a sadistic brother spinning the cup as hard as he possibly can. Sorry dude, but you did. Don't forget to check me out at My Year With The Mouse.