Sonoma Wine Trip

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Our first visit was to Hanzell Winery; high on a hill, they held their tasting on a porch that offered sweeping vistas of their vineyard and the valley below. We got to tour their new wine cave, built as a response to TCA contamination in their current facility.

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Kosta Browne Winery

Our first visit of the day, and a lot of fun. We met Dave Kosta in Sebastopol and followed him back to their new winery (had we not been following him, I'm not sure we'd have found the place). They've recently moved in, and are hard at work renovating the building, making wine, and starting work on digging a wine cave. Two very friendly guys with a lot of ambition (and good wine!)

Shelby and I with Michael Browne, the winemaker.

If you own a loft in SOMA, read Dwell Magazine religiously, and drive a late-model VW Jetta, this is the winery for you! They're located in a brand-new, very modernist building filled with disturbing art (I picked up a book for sale with a dog on the cover, thinking "Awww ... Dogs!", but it turned out to be a gross-out anti-vivisection cartoon book.)

Somebody needs to pay more attention to their wine and less attention to being cutting-edge cool.


When I grow up, I wouldn't mind having a cellar like this one.

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Siduri Winery

One of the most friendly wineries of all (in part because they know Shelby's parents well). We got a tour of their newly-expanded facility, then were treated to a giant-size tasting — first from barrels, then from many bottles of excellent Siduri and Novy wines.

Siduri recently got a glowing write-up in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Our group with winemaker Adam Lee. Shelby, ready to help with the punchdown.

St. Francis Winery

Our group taking part in a very nice wine-and-food pairing set out for us at St. Francis' shiny new facility.

Chateau Felice Winery

A very photogenic place; our tasting was held alongside a lake, with the vine-covered hills stretching off in the background.

These grapes were waiting to be shipped to Pittsburg, PA (!), to be made into wine there. Wouldn't you like to purchase a wine country tour from this woman?
Also visited:
  • Nalle Winery (along with Siduri, this was my favorite stop of the day; lunch with the Nalles and winery dog Solo was so pleasant that I forgot to take pictures!)
  • The Kendall-Jackson Wine Center

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