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Kevin, Shelby, and Scout on New Year's Eve.
New Year's Eve family photo. Note that Scout has gotten into the formalwear act, too.
Shelby and Scout on the porch of the cabin. Inbetween Christmas and New Year's, we found time to go up to Kevin's grandparents' cabin at Green Valley Lake (near Big Bear). Scout doing what she does best.

Company Parties

Shelby and Kevin at the IMS release party. At the IMS Version 7 release party at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Shelby the penguin

Shelby the Penguin.

Disney's California Adventure

Shelby bought preview tickets to Disney's California Adventure on eBay, so we went with Zachary (Kevin's brother) on January 28th.
Zach on a slide in one of the play areas.


Shelby. Mendocino. Our pre-surgery, pre-Valentine's Day retreat. Shelby. Mendocino.


A weekend trip for wine tasting in the Santa Maria Valley.
Wine-tasting at the Byron Winery.
The soon-to-be-extended Rosiak family (in front, Shelby's brother Brad and his fiancee Katrina; in back, Gary and Shirley, Shelby's parents).


Other Occasions (with their own pages)

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