July 31, 2004

I Sweat The Small Stuff, Again

My flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles was on American Airlines. The first time the in-flight beverage service came around, I asked for a Coke -- and the Coke can I got came from the Netherlands. Later on in the flight, I drank a Sprite; this time, the can came from Brazil. For the last round of drinks, I had orange juice, but the guy next to me had a Coke, and his Coke can had a five-dollars-off admissions coupon on it -- for the Paramount's Great America amusement park, in San Jose, California!

You'd think that for an airplane leaving from London, it'd be easier to supply it with soft drinks bought wholesale in London, rather than schlepping soda all the way around the world. Obviously, though, American has decided that it isn't. I wonder why? There must be an economics Ph.D. -- or at least a business school case study -- somewhere in there ...

Posted by Kevin at July 31, 2004 02:00 PM