December 23, 2004


Well, if you read Shelby's blog, you already know that she was in an accident earlier this evening -- rear-ended by a big red pickup truck at a stop light, just after she'd exited the freeway.

Shelby is safe and well (except for some ambiguous neck pain; we'll have to see if that keeps up) -- and it's a good thing that it happened while she was driving my car, since it outweighs her Miata by a factor of two or three. But still -- why did it have to happen to my poor car??

The damage doesn't look that bad -- the rear bumper is pushed in, the rear half of the car on the driver's side is dented and scratched, and the trunk lid no longer closes properly. In a just world, this relatively superficial exterior damage will mask deeper, darker, hidden interior damage, and the insurance company will feel obligated to declare the car a total writeoff (as happened to some folks I know, who also thought their Ford product was only mildly dented up after a minor fender-bender), thus paving the way for us to get one of those spiffy hybrids we've had our eye on.

With our luck, though, the final solution will no doubt involve sketchy Mexican-made knockoff body panels and twelve gallons of Bondo.

Posted by Kevin at December 23, 2004 01:24 AM