March 29, 2005

Betrayed By My Own Teeth

Shelby already wrote about her visit to the dentist this past Friday, but I've been hiding my dentist's results like a secret shame.

For years, I had a near-perfect string of cavity-free "Crest checkups". My first cavity came when I was fourteen or so, way back in my rearmost molar; the dentist gave me a pass on any guilt, saying it wasn't my fault because it was hidden beneath a flap of skin, impervious to brushing. After that, it was back to event-free checkups.

Then I became an adult, with my own dental plan. Then I skipped out on the dentist for about five years.

And now, the dentist says that I need five cavities filled, plus a root canal and crown -- or maybe four cavities and two root canals; he won't be completely sure until he's actually gotten in there and opened things up. Both Shelby and I head in tomorrow for the 'ol-drill-and-fill -- I get things taken care of in one sitting, but unfortunately Shelby has to go back for multiple visits.

I'm a little concerned over how much this is all going to cost; our dental plan pays 90% (except for crowns, which are 60%), but only up to $2,000 per person. Between this and Scout's mysterious illness, March is shaping up to be a pretty expensive month. We've got the money, but we'd certainly rather be spending it on, say, a new dishwasher, or an exciting trip, or a lighting fixture for the dining room.

And why did this happen now, in the midst of my responsible regularly-flossing adulthood, rather than back when I was eleven, after the summer where I went to camp for a week, ate tons of candy every day, and didn't brush my teeth at all until after I got home and my mom was watching me again?

Posted by Kevin at March 29, 2005 04:59 PM