December 14, 2005

Picture Time (Part 1)

Before I catch up on cruise pictures, I'd better reach back and catch up on our cute-Beagle pictures (since that's probably the best draw that we've got going for us at this point ...)

On the weekend after Thanksgiving, the four of us went up to my grandparents' cabin at Green Valley Lake. GVL is one of the lesser-known resort communities in the San Bernardino Mountains, located on Highway 18 between Running Springs and Big Bear Lake. Being lesser-known hasn't stopped the real-estate boom from coming to Green Valley; within a short walk of the cabin, five other cabins were up for sale and two new ones were being built.

(Click on any of these pictures to get a larger version of that image.)

This was Digory's first trip to the cabin, so he had to wander around and thoroughly sniff out the place, but Scout is an old hand and immediately fell back into her usual cabin routine.
We always had at least one dog sitting vigil at the front window, because you never know when somebody (or, God forbid, somebody walking a dog!) might go walking by on the road outside.
Digory actually likes it when people do this.
Extreme close-up! (Photo credit: Shelby)
Given the way that Digory follows Scout around, and Digory's penchant for cuddling with anything that's not moving, it was inevitable that both dogs would end up sharing the big armchair (much to Scout's dismay, but making for plenty of cute-Beagle photo opportunities).
Part of being at the cabin (or pretty much any vacation home, I'd wager) is reading the magazines and comic books that previous generations have left behind. After reacquainting myself with the secret stash of Archie comic digests that I left in a closet back in the late 80s, I moved on to the National Geographics in the hallway bookshelf.
The August 1963 issue was a love letter to the Walt Disney Corporation, with pages and pages devoted to activities at the Disney Studios and Disney's relatively new themepark, Disneyland. In the front were two ads of interest, one from the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce ("The ideal year-round community in which to live, work and prosper"); the second, from the Disneyland Hotel ("This IS Southern California ... New Tower Suites July 1st").

The article ends with Disney musing over what might happen to his empire after his death, but then essentially dismissing the exercise, because he planned to be around for a long time to come but thanks to lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking, he died just three years later (and the empire went into a nosedive).

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