September 05, 2003

Scared Little Dog

The street on our block is being repaved. Well, not entirely repaved, but they're patching giant rectangles of it. This involves a lot of noise from the heavy machinery. Personally I like it as it drowns out the screaming next door (did I tell you that the other day the kids decided to have a screaming contest in the morning? Fun for everyone!). But Scout, poor Scout is terrified.

This morning Kevin saw her sitting on the couch, which is right by the front door, and Scout was shaking. He tried to soothe her but she was still nervous. Then she came into my room where I was still sleeping. She tentatively scratched at the nightstand and I sat up and said "What do you want? Do you want to come up here?" In our family "come up here" is Scout's invitation to, well, come up here. So she hopped up and then nosed the covers. This is her signal that she wants to go underneath the covers. She crawled to the foot of the bed and curled up in a small ball against my feet. She used to do this all the time when it was cold, but she hasn't done it at all since we got the Cave Bed (here and here). But I guess when there's scary noises outside, sometimes you just need to go under the covers and curl up against Mommy. She did the same thing later when I took my afternoon nap too. It was very sweet.

Posted by Shelby at September 5, 2003 04:26 PM