September 07, 2003

Just Another Sunday

Nothing very exciting to report today. Kevin had to go into church way early because he'd agreed to run the sound board and video (slide show). The church, in its effort to be high tech, has a large screen behind the altar (in a Catholic church it's where the crucifix would be). On screen they show the words to hymns and the readings, and occasionally other slides if the pastor wants. Anyway, Kevin had agreed to it on Thursday and realized last night that no one had given him any material for the slides so he had to go in early to get it. He typed in the whole reading passage himself, but when it came to that part in the service, they had changed the reading. Oops!

Anyway, I decided to sleep in and go to the 11:30 service. The one we usually attend, the big one, is at 10:00 and is supposed to be an hour long. Well I got there at 11:25 and the church was still packed with 10:00 service. The late service didn't start until 12.

But the exciting news is that I walked to church! It's not terribly far, but this is testimony that I'm feeling much better. And it was actually nice to get out and walk too.

Posted by Shelby at September 7, 2003 09:31 PM