September 08, 2003

Book Club Tonight

The neighbor children are having a screaming contest again. Wouldn't it be lovely if they did this every day? Oh wait, they do.

Book Club tonight at Jennifer and Tim's. This month's selection, Blues for Cannibals by Charles Bowden was, shall we say, less than inspiring. Okay, I hated it. Well, hated is not quite the right word. I disliked it. I found it pretentious and overwritten. And boring. And repetitive. And that was just in the first 100 pages (no, I didn't finish it). So tonight's discussion will be interesting. It's always nice to get together anyway, even if the book sucks. I wonder if anyone liked it? Kevin did manage to finish it but he felt much the same way I did. At least he finished it!

Posted by Shelby at September 8, 2003 05:11 PM