September 18, 2003

A Family Tragedy

Where did the week go? I didn't spend it blogging, that's for sure.

In Shelby's Life and Whatnot news, I achieved my 100th comment! From an outside reader, even. See the comment from Shelby here.

In personal news, we've had a family tragedy. Actually TWO tragedies in one night! Two venerable dog toys bit the dust: the noble Dino (a part of our family for SIX years!) and the newer but still-beloved HarryDog. Here is my tribute to them *sniff*.

Dino (also known as Dino 2.0) was purchased at PetSmart in Springfield, MO as a replacement for Dino 1.0, a brontosaurus. Dino was a fleecy T-Rex with colorful felt down his back. Dino lasted longer than any dog toy we've ever had, with the exception of one Gumbone that Scout still refuses to chew. Dino was fatally wounded in two locations--one in the neck area and one in the lumbar/spine area. I'm afraid to say that he suffered some stuffing loss from the lumbar injury.

Our other loss was HarryDog. HarryDog was a gift from Kevin's brother Zach, and was so-named because he resembled Harry, Kevin's Mom's dog. The real Harry is a maltese. HarryDog was sort of a part teddy bear/part dog/part abominable snowman. The real Harry (also known as The White Menace) had previously attacked Scout in her own home, and Scout pretty much didn't stand up for herself. HarryDog was purchased so that Scout could get some practice for her next encounter with The White Menace. Well, it didn't work out too well with the real Harry, but HarryDog did become a well-liked toy. HarryDog's fatal injury was a partially removed ear.

Dino and HarryDog are survived by Hedgehog 5.0, ReindeerHead 2.0, Booda Guy, and assorted other toys.

Posted by Shelby at September 18, 2003 05:01 PM