September 15, 2003

Oh Good Lord...

They've postponed the CA recall election! Why? Because six counties still have punch-card voting systems in place and it would be unfair to use those again, as they are error-prone. No need to point out that these same punch-card systems were considered error-free enough to elect Gray Davis in the first place!

Interestingly, the six counties are:
Los Angeles (county, not the city. Yes, it's also a county. My parents live there)
Mendocino (a great place to visit! Click on the little picture below to see a larger picture of the Mendocino coast)
Sacramento (you know, the capitol? Like where Gray Davis lives?)
San Diego (everyone knows where that is)
Santa Clara (that would be us!)
Solano (in between San Francisco and Sacramento)

Of course, these six little counties represent 44% of the state's registered voters. Which leads me to say "Only 44%? Really? Where does the other 56% live? Probably 55% in San Francisco and 1% in Other."

Here's Mendocino:

Posted by Shelby at September 15, 2003 12:37 PM