October 08, 2003

Oh Good

When we go to Hamburg, I'll have a place to leave Kevin while I go off and shop. It's call "Maennergarten" and is a daycare for adult males while their SOs get their shopping done.

Too bad I don't like shopping either.

Posted by Shelby at October 8, 2003 01:16 PM

That is hysterical.

But, in a weird way, kind of a good thing. Like one of the men said, it beats sitting around in a shoe store while your SO tries on shoe after shoe after shoe.

Not that this would be a problem for my hubby. I don't really like shopping, either. If I need something, or want something, I go get it, and come home. I don't care to wander around almost aimlessly just browsing, or trying on endless things.

Posted by: Shelby (the hang10 one) at October 8, 2003 01:52 PM
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