December 02, 2003

Dream Interpretation

So I have this bizarre recurring dream. Okay, all of my dreams are bizarre, but this one keeps coming up over and over again (and no, it's not the one where they've discovered I'm one semester shy of graduating from high school and I have to go back as an adult and finish it up).

In this dream, I am rollerskating, or sometimes skateboarding. On the freeway. In the middle of a lane. Amazingly, I am able to keep up with traffic, but I'm terrified of hitting a rock or something and falling. Nobody around me seems to think that this is odd, but I know it's wrong and I'm very close to being flattened. Everybody ignores me, including the occasional cop who drives by. I'm skating for my life, with no particular destination in mind. Eventually I decide to take an exit and signal with my arms when I change lanes. Everybody seems to accept this as a matter of course. I have to slow down and stop at the exit to wait at the light. Usually the dream ends there, but occasionally I have to continue skating up city streets. Variations include a skateboard rather than rollerskates, although in the skateboard dreams I'm laying on my stomach and pushing with my hands. I'm always able to keep up speed. Sometimes I dream that I've been spotted by the local news who are following my progress with a helicopter while broadcasting it, and I somehow know that Kevin is somewhere watching me on TV wonder what the hell I'm doing. Although I'm never hurt, I'm always scared to death and left with an unpleasant feeling when the dream is over.

So what do you make of that??

Posted by Shelby at December 2, 2003 05:30 PM

Hmmm......that's a strange one. How funny we all have that same dream about having to go back as an adult and finish dreams are more like I get my class schedule and I can't find ANY of the classrooms!

Anyway, back you you, sis. A very common theme in dreams is "running." It could mean that you are trying to reach a "goal." You are seeking a destination that is not very clear in your dreams. Maybe it's the uncertainty of which graduate school you will be attending or which country you will be living in next year (Germany?)

Since your goals and future achievements may depend on Kevin (job transfer, etc.,) that feeling of him "watching you" somewhere but never really being in the picture makes sense.

The different methods of transportation that change with each dream (rollerskates, skateboard, etc.) could mean lack of clairty of a path you should or will be taking to reach your goal (PhD., publishing deal.)

Is there a beagle anywhere in the dream? LOL!

I have many reoccuring dreams about polluted water.

Good luck!


Posted by: Kat at December 2, 2003 08:26 PM
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