December 04, 2003


Today has not been my day. First I had to get up early for a doctor's appointment, and when I get in the car the first thing I notice is the check engine light. And you know the check engine light is never cheap. My car does a funny thing where if you don't screw the gas cap on tightly enough, the check engine light goes on. I only had a quarter tank of gas but I've had this happen before so I'm going to fill it up and see if that help. Cross your fingers for me.

Then I get to the doctor's and the computer running the machine for my treatment was broken! It was working at first, and then pooped out, and wouldn't even recognize the keyboard or mouse. I suggested rebooting (3 times) but it didn't help. What's worse, this is the second time this same computer has not worked for me.

Then on the way home, I realize my new jeans are falling apart. I'm so ticked off! I bought them less than a month ago, and they're already dying. They're Gloria Vanderbilt brand, bought at Robinson's- May. I think I may just have chosen a bad pair (what luck!) because I had some G.V. jeans before that were just fine. Anyway, first one of the belt loops came undone. Then today I discovered a small hole at the knee. Well, actually the worst part about these jeans is that they are black--really black--and they pick up all of the lint and dog hair in a two mile radius and it totally stands out. I should've gotten two pairs of Levi's instead of just the one. Well, guess what's on my Christmas list?

Then it started raining. Very gloomy. And as I watched the water get smeared all over my windshield I realized it's time for new wipers. Not a big deal, I know, but on top of everything else it's like geez, one more thing??

Then I went to physical therapy and realized that I forgot to have Kevin write a check for me, and my bank account is empty. Fortunately my PT is very understanding and said I could make it up next time. And no sign of the insurance check we're supposed to be getting for reimbursement.

Anyway, I'm going to take a nap now. Let's hope things perk up after that.

Posted by Shelby at December 4, 2003 02:56 PM

I too had a really bad day!

Firstly, I got one of those nasty infections....we won't elaborate. I was very busy at work and realized, I don't have any cash to buy my coffee with. Luckily, I'm friends with the lady that owns "The Grind" in Foothill Ranch CA!

On my lunch break, I went to Walmart to find a gift for one of my sisters -- I couldn't find anything cool for a reasonable price! I finally settled on a cool "tattoo machine" and also picked up some Alleve while I was there. The inept checkout gal kept double ringing up my purchases. I could hear the disgusted sighs of the folks who were behind me in line. The good news was, once she finally rang up my items--she left off the Alleve--the I got that for free at least.

Then my lunch from Pickup Stix exploded on route back to the office and I had soy sauce all over the bottom of the to go bag. I called the manager and got a free lunch out of her for tomorrow.

I suppose now that I reflect, I got some stuff for free.

Sorry about your day Shelby.

Posted by: Kat at December 4, 2003 07:29 PM
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