December 17, 2003

I'm In Popup Hell

Well I did an incredibly stupid thing. I visited a website that automatically started a download. I was looking for an mp3 and BAM! I got hit. I stopped the download frantically but it was too late, I had a bunch of crap on my computer. The result was that it deleted my Google toolbar and installed a bunch of spam links and popups. Arrrrrggggg! My Google popup blocker had been doing an excellent job up until now. Kevin spent nearly an hour cleaning my computer of these programs, but I'm still having problems. I'm wondering if I should just uninstall and reinstall IE. I could kick myself for my stupidity.

Update: Kevin reports that uninstalling IE would be fruitless and he's pointed me to a download that will clean up all kinds of stuff on my computer.

In other news, well, there's not much other news, hence the light blogging lately. We're all ready for the holiday despite the fact that about a third of Kevin's presents haven't arrived yet. So much for cheaping out with the "Super Saver" free shipping on Amazon. I'm not so much hung up on getting the presents on the actual day, it's the fact that we'll be in LA for two weeks and I don't want boxes piling up on our porch or (as happened once) thrown over the fence and exposed to the rain. I guess we'll have to ask our neighbor (the cooperative one) to pick up our packages for us. Still, we have the rest of today and tomorrow and Saturday. Maybe they'll come.

We had a delightful visit to Christmas in the Park, a large Christmas display in the park near Adobe. They have these little animated scenes interspersed with trees decorated by community organizations like scout troops. They even had a "snow machine" which spit out bubble foam every few minutes or so. It actually looked like falling snow. We have the constant Christmas music playing in the house and we're very festive.

Posted by Shelby at December 17, 2003 08:18 PM