December 15, 2003

A Great Christmas Present

Well I got a great Christmas present today. The check engine light in my car went off! Strangely enough, it went off at the exact gas level that it went on at, a little less than half a tank. There's a connection between the gas cap not being screwed on tightly and the check engine light going on. I'd hoped that filling up the tank and tightening the cap would fix it, but it didn't. Then I procrastinated and lo and behold, it went off all by itself. Thanks, Santa!

Today wasn't such a good day for small dogs though. Scout had to go to the vet to get a bunch of shots and an exam to do the paperwork for Germany. We went to a new vet and they were very nice. Scout didn't even whimper for each of her three shots. But she did have an owie spot on her tummy. Every time the vet palpated the area she would give her little "Ouch!" squeak. He said he didn't feel anything abnormal, however, and just to keep an eye on her and if she has to go to the bathroom more or drinks a lot more water, to bring her back in. Hopefully it's nothing. She's not acting distressed at all, so who knows.

Posted by Shelby at December 15, 2003 07:02 PM