December 20, 2003

Saturday Musings

It was a relaxed day here at the Hogans. Scout spent the day in her crate (voluntarily). She still seems to be doing better. She came out to eat, which she didn't do last night, and when we got home she mustered up a little tail wagging. It's good that she's resting on her own. She seems to know her limits.

Kevin and I headed to the library to pick up some holiday reading. Out of the 9 books I was interested in, the library had only 1. Still, I was able to find four others so that should carry me over. Plus I have our book club book to read, and I think there's a slight chance, not to make any assumptions here or anything, but there's a tiny possibility that I may get a book or two for Christmas. Maybe.

After the library we headed out to Applebee's. I know, I know, with all of the great restaurants around here why would we go to Applebee's? It's because of their great buffalo wings. I am a total buffalo wing freak and Applebee's and Chili's make great ones. I love buffalo wings.

Well, it looks like Kevin's presents aren't going to show up before we leave, so I think we'll have Christmas tomorrow morning. It's a bummer, but I did get some of his presents so that's good at least. It should be a nice little celebration.

Posted by Shelby at December 20, 2003 07:21 PM