December 29, 2003

We're Going to the Mountains!

Good news--we got the car back! My mom's mechanic even knocked $300 off of the repair--a much better deal than we would have gotten taking the car in to the dealership ourselves (especially a dealer in the Bay Area, where everything is more expensive). It still was a big gulp to swallow, but at least we'll be good to go for another 100 k miles.

So tomorrow we'll be heading up to the mountains. That means no blogging until after New Year's. We're hoping for snow. It's supposed to snow tonight, but at the higher elevations and Kevin's not sure where Green Valley Lake is in relation to that. We're going up in the daylight just in case we have to use chains. Yes, Kevin has chains, although he's never used them. That and his fire extinguisher--always ready for any emergency! Everyone think good thoughts that there won't be any more mudslides.

My allergies continue to plague me. Ugh. My eyes have been really affected--red, watery, and very itchy. In fact I ended up scratching one of my eyelids and it hurts now :(. The air in my parent's house is a lot drier than in our house. I think it's because they have central heating that, you know, actually works.

Did I mention that we got our wohnung (apartment) in Hamburg? There were two available in the building and we're not sure which one we got. One was larger but had a rather strange stall shower (Kevin calls it the Phone Booth). The other was smaller but has a bathtub. It wasn't clear if the kitchen in the smaller flat was full-sized. Last time Kevin lived there (different building) his refrigerator was the size you find in dorm rooms. Anyway, we were hoping for the tub as long as the kitchen was full-sized, but it may have gotten reserved before we got in. So we'll see. We now know our official address. Whichever apartment it is, we know we're number acht (eight). See how well I'm incorporating my German? Why, I'm practically a native speaker!

Posted by Shelby at December 29, 2003 09:12 PM