January 03, 2004

Happy New Year!

We've returned from the mountains. In fact, we've returned to San Jose to find our house intact and standing. Phew! The mountains were great. Very relaxing, even if all of our stuff now smells like fireplace. Eau d'fireplace. It's the newest thing.

There was a little snow when we arrived, which turns Scout into an absolute puppy. Just released from her restricted activity (due to back injury) she got to jump, run, frolic, and gambol to her heart's desire. Green Valley Lake also has some quality people living there--Kevin and Scout saw 5 beagles! Unfortunately it didn't snow any more while we were there, and on Friday when we left it was a huge downpour of rain. Still, we made it without any mudslides or problems.

New Year's Eve was very relaxing. I finished my book early in the trip and got sucked into watching TV. The TV there got two channels, which is two more than we get in San Jose. I did, however, choose to watch the end of a Bowl game (don't ask which one, I don't know) rather than watching Dharma and Greg. I have some standards, after all.

All in all we had a great Christmas. We headed out after Christmas to spend some of our giftcards. At Target I got underwear, socks, and new windshield wipers. Just what I wanted! Kevin got some new dress shoes at Robinson's May, which he desperately needed as he's worn through the soles on his old shoes. Barnes and Noble was pretty picked-through so we spent some of our gift cards online instead.

Lots of stuff to do now that we're home. We're preparing for our garage sale (you know, the one we were going to have when we moved in here last year!) and our going-away party. I'm finishing up my grad school applications and getting those out the door (quite a task). And most importantly, we're packing everything up for storage. Kevin already has 16 boxes of books. Just books. And that's not all of them, either. I guess we're big readers :).

Posted by Shelby at January 3, 2004 08:42 PM