February 27, 2004

No Friday Five

I know, all three of you who come here solely to read the Friday Five will be disappointed that there is no FF. Don't take it out on me. Take it out on the FF people who didn't post one this week.

I was supposed to be doing laundry this week but unfortunately I can't seem to get the door to the washer open. My key doesn't work. I thought it worked earlier but I just can't get it open. Which is too bad because we desperately need to to laundry.

Not that laundry is an exciting experience here. There's no dryer. Germans have this weird hangup that dryers cause air pollution, death to squirrels, and birds will drop out of the sky if you use them. Instead we have a foldable drying rack from which to air dry our clothes. It works just fine, but you don't get that fuzzy from-the-dryer feeling. Instead you get a kind of crunchy no-fabric-softener feel with a big crease in the middle. Woe is me.

Posted by Shelby at February 27, 2004 01:15 PM