February 27, 2004


I fear I may be coming down with a cold. My sinuses have been bothering me and today I just felt punky and tired. I loaded up on benadryl and got a lot of sleep but I'm just not feeling my best. Plus I can barely hear because my ears are plugged. Hopefully this will blow over quickly, or it's just allergies and will go away in a day or so.

I got my latest round of prescription medicines from the mail-order pharmacy. I can't believe these people. They got it wrong again. Fortunately it's an error in my favor, but why is this so hard? You may remember that before I left I needed my Toprol and they screwed up the order. Well, I got the Toprol just in time, but they also sent me Prevacid. How nice. I don't take Prevacid anymore.

I used to take Prevacid, which is a medication for chronic heartburn. I've always had a heartburn problem (my dad does too) and they like to give these meds to heart patients lest I get heartburn and mistake it for chest pain. So I was swimming along happily on Prevacid, but it was more expensive than the alternatives. There's a $50 co-pay for Prevacid, and only a $30 co-pay for Prilosec, the "preferred medication." So I consulted Dr. Schroeder about Prilosec and he said it should be fine, so he wrote me a prescription for Prilosec. This was about 6 months ago. I've been taking Prilosec with no problems since that time, and in my last order Prilosec became available in generic so I've been taking that.

Well when I updated the Toprol scrip, I updated all of the other scrips as well. I get the medications 3 months worth at a time, and they all come due at different intervals, so this past time it was time for the Toprol and Prilosec (generic). Well yesterday I get the shipment from my mom and what's in there? My Toprol (yay!) and two bottles of...Prevacid. Not only did they give me the wrong drug, they got the dosage wrong too. I take Prilosec once a day, and the Prevacid they gave me has instructions for taking it twice a day, and enough pills for 3 months of twice a day, so I got 6 months worth. Even though the price is more expensive, $50 vs. the $30 Prilosec would have cost, I still come out ahead because I got 6 months for $50 whereas with the Prilosec it would have been $60 for 6 months worth. Unless, that is, the Prilosec is cheaper because it's generic. I'm not sure how much we paid for the generic version.

Still, it's a little dismaying that they can't seem to get this right. I have the prescription from the doctor and I'm going to check up on that, but I'm pretty sure it was written for Prilosec. It doesn't bother me in this case, but it does become a problem when they screw with my heart meds like last time. What's with these people?

In other news, the German language class I wanted, the morning one, didn't have enough students sign up, so I've been enrolled in the evening class. That's a bummer since I like to spend my evenings with Kevin, but on the days I have class he can stay home in the mornings and work late at night. That starts on Monday, so I'm looking forward to it.

Posted by Shelby at February 27, 2004 06:51 PM