April 27, 2004

Full Tummy

Somebody in this apartment has a very full tummy and unfortunately it's not Scout.

I just had the BEST lunch. I had a craving for Chinese so I went down to our local Chinese booth in the mall food court on the Gansemarkt. I'd been there once before and really liked it, so I don't know why I have never gone back. Anyway, I now had a slightly better understanding of what the menu said--before I didn't know the difference between rice and noodles or the words for beef or chicken. So I was much better equipped this time around.

After much deliberation I chose some fried noodle and vegetable dish that promised to be mild (I made the spicy mistake last time). Luckily I could order by number, but as soon as I opened my mouth, my American-ness became apparent. A guy in his mid-20s took my order and then said, "You're from the States, no?" I admitted that I was from California. "Where?" he said. "San Jose." "Oh, my brother lives in Palo Alto!" Now for those of you not in the know, Palo Alto happens to be about 20 minutes away from San Jose (and is home to Stanford, where I get all of my medical care). So that was a pleasant coincidence.

My noodle dish came out looking like the Yaki Soba our old church makes for Japanese festivals. That's a good thing. One taste later, I was in love. It was deeeeeelicious! Of course, part of that is that I was absolutely starving, but it really was good. They give you a little skewer of chicken covered in a peanut sauce that is to die for, and I normally am not big on peanut sauces. It was really good.

Kevin, if you're reading this, plan on a late dinner. I had a huge lunch, and it was goooooood.

Posted by Shelby at April 27, 2004 04:08 PM