March 15, 2005


Whatís your favorite dessert? Dutch apple pie
Have you ever had a professional massage? yes, and I'd do it again in a second.
Turtlenecks: love Ďem or help, Iím being strangled? Used to hate 'em when I had hair long enough to keep my neck warm. Now that I have short hair I like them.
How many pillows are on your bed? two, one for me, one for Kevin.
What word best describes your smile? genuine
Do you see yourself moving to another city or state within the next 5 years? good God, I just moved here! Nope.
What kind of calendar do you use most? the old-fashioned kind that hangs on the wall. It's the easiest way to coordinate both of our activities (like we really have that many activities!)
Do you look at the keyboard when you type? Occasionally, for numbers.
Whatís your favorite joke? I have several, but I always like my favorite knock-knock joke:

Me: "Here's my favorite knock-knock joke. You start."
You: "Knock knock"
Me: "Who's there?" [big old grin]

What would be your ideal 2-week vacation? Right now, I'd love to either go somewhere tropical and lay on the beach decompressing with nothing to do all day (not that the weather is bad here, it's just not beach weather). Alternately, I'd like to do the same at a cabin in the mountains, with the dogs in the snow. Which is strange because we DO have access to a cabin in the mountains and we keep talking about going up there.

Thanks to Dave Tepper.

Posted by Shelby at March 15, 2005 02:22 PM