March 26, 2005

Our First Major Holiday

We've hosted 2 parties so far, but today is the first time hosting the family for an Easter dinner. We've been busy all morning, but luckily got an earlier start for our other parties. The Honeybaked ham is defrosting, the twice baked potatoes are clean, my world famous artichoke dip is done and waiting in the fridge to be reheated (I finally sat down and typed out my recipe so I won't forget it next time), and Kevin's making the apple pie. Other family members are bringing some extra dishes and I think we'll have a good time. We only own 12 plates, and we think 12 people will make it, so that was cutting it close. We do need to buy more dishes anyway, so yesterday we headed to Williams-Sonoma to look for them. Of course as it turns out, the set is catalog only *sigh*.

What's really unfortunate is that my aunt and her SO, Tom, won't be able to make it. Tom has esophageal cancer and just had a week of 24 hours of chemo and a buttload of radiation. He's not feeling well so he's unable to make it to the dinner. We'll really miss them. The good news is that his doctors have upped his survival rate (it had looked dismal at the beginning) so we're thrilled about that. Kevin and I plan to visit at the end of this coming week or next--of course dependent on how Tom is faring. I certainly know how it feels to be feeling well and then not well within the course of a few hours, so we're going to keep our schedules open. Luckily since we both work from home we have a lot of flexibility.

Otherwise I think we're going to have a great party. Happy [early] Easter everyone!

Posted by Shelby at March 26, 2005 12:31 PM