April 04, 2005


You want to talk about a catfight? I witnessed one in the Post Office today that could only be outdone by the girls in my sorority.

So there was Rather Helpful woman, and Bitch woman. Rather Helpful was sincerely trying to get customers through the line as quickly and cheerfully as possible. Bitch was berating a customer who didn't understand that if he wanted a money order for $300 and he also wanted a stamp, his cost would be $300.37.

Then the next customer got to Rather Helpful and it turned out that she'd deposited a letter in the outside mailbox (the big blue ones) with the stamp on the wrong side, and can they go outside to find it? Ugh. So while Rather Helpful is gone, Bitch gets the next customer who has a very complicated problem. Once again, Bitch speaks to him in a condescending voice, until she realizes that there's something that she doesn't know how to code in the computer. At this point Rather Helpful is back. Their conversation went like this:

B: "How do I code this?"
RH: "You just use this xxxxx code."
B: "I know that! How do I code this" (holds up some funky stamp
RH: "Did you check the sheet?"
B: "Yes I checked the sheet!" (waves sheet in the air)
RH: "Well then I don't know."
B: "Well who's the manager right now?"
RH: "Mary."
B: "And where is she?" (very snarky tone at this point)
RH: "On her break."
B: "Well she's taking too long."
RH: "Well you took 22 minutes this morning!" (I'm assuming the breaks are supposed to be 15 or 20 minutes long)
B: turns around in a huff

Then the mysterious Mary shows up and immediately helps the poor guy standing there in the middle of this fight.

Actually it was pretty funny, and made me glad I don't work for the US Postal Service.

Posted by Shelby at April 4, 2005 07:16 PM