April 06, 2005

Back to the Dentist!

Fun! Well, more fun for me than for Kevin. Hopefully this will be my last visit, while Kevin's got one more. We think. Actually I wasn't very clear on that point. But anyway, I get my new crown so I don't look like a Gangsta with my metal cap anymore.

Update: Damn that dentist!!! My two cavities were under existing metal fillings and the Waterlase drill I love so much couldn't get to them, so I got stuck with the regular drill. I got a shot ("just a little pinch" my BUTT!) then the drilling, high pitched whining, and grinding feeling. And also have I ranted about the suction thingy? I hate that. They always point it in the wrong direction--sucking things from my teeth instead of at my throat where it kept pooling and gagging me. The dentist (a different one than the last guy, who didn't use the suction thing) kept getting mad at me for swallowing, and I finally said to the asst. "You're pointing the suction in the wrong direction. All of the water is going down my throat, not under my tongue. I'm gagging because of it, and that's why I'm swallowing." Of course, that changed nothing.

Now I'm in serious pain. The two fillings hurt. The injection site hurts. Even the freakin' cap hurts--and tell me how that's possible when I already had a root canal on that tooth?!?! I finally had to resort to one of Kevin's vicodin (that he got for his root canal) and that seems to be working, but I won't be eating on that side for a long time.

Posted by Shelby at April 6, 2005 08:18 AM