August 18, 2005

Dr. Phil

My application to be in the audience of the Dr. Phil Show has been accepted! And I've only seen the Dr. Phil show once in my life!

Dr. Phil is recruiting women in the Los Angeles area to be in the audience of his show on the subject of plastic surgery. Someone brought my attention to it on an internet board I frequent and I thought what the hay, I'll apply. Surely they're not going to pick me. They asked what one thing about your appearance do you wish you could change. I said my stomach. Then they asked "will that make you happy?" and I thought now there's a trick question. Of course all these people are going to be like "OMG, my life would be perfect if I didn't have Thunder Thighs" and he's going to be all "Get over it and go to the gym--reducing your thigh circumference isn't going to make you happy" so I thought hell, I'll say "no." And I did. I said it wouldn't make me happy but it would help me accept myself, and then I expounded on my heart condition and waxed poetically for a while about the profound changes in my life that my heart condition brought about including my change in metabolism and weight gain and blah blah blah. And apparently they liked it because when I was in the shower today (of course) they called.

So I get to get up at the crack of dark (it won't be light yet) and drive to Hollywood on Wednesday for the taping. I'm supposed to wear jeans, sneakers (mine are in the washing machine right now--they've gotten pretty gross in the year and a half since I bought them), and a tank top. A tank top??? My farmer tan is not something I want broadcast on national television. Luckily they said they're giving us a t-shirt so that's okay.

My friend Emily, who lives in San Diego, is coming up Tuesday night and is going with me. That should be super cool. So I don't know when the program with air but I'll definitely keep you all updated when it does. I'll be the screaming maniac in the audience waving my hands wildly.

Posted by Shelby at August 18, 2005 07:17 PM