August 21, 2005

More Dr. Phil

So we're supposed to wear jeans, a tank top, and white sneakers. Well somehow I interpreted that to mean a white tank top, so we went to Target on Friday morning for new jeans (mine are ratty and not TV-worthy) and a tank top. After MUCH agony I finally decided on a nice white one.

Then I got home and got the email with all of the details. And I'm supposed to wear a dark tank top. So today I headed back to Target and got a nice brown one.

The email had some other alarming instructions. We are supposed to submit a full-length picture of ourselves. And we're supposed to have a 3 minute video explaining what about our appearance we'd like to change and why. A video?! My next action was to shoot off an email to the production assistant asking for a video exemption--granted. But I'm still on the hook for the picture. Kevin took one Friday night and it's awful. Of course, that kind of picture is unflattering to everyone. I have a feeling they're going to give makeovers and need "before" pictures. Well mine is really crappy but if you're getting a makeover, the whole point is to have a crappy "before" picture anyway, right?

So I thought that wasn't a big deal either, until I got another email today from the production assistant who said my picture didn't come through and could I send it again--they really need it. Ack! So I sent Ms. Ugly off again. Emily and I can't wait to see what this is all about!

Posted by Shelby at August 21, 2005 09:56 PM

This is so wild! I will definitely watch for you in the audience or on the show whenever it airs! Wow.

Posted by: staz at August 22, 2005 07:25 AM
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