January 22, 2006

And My PIN Has Been...

Totally forgotten. I used to have a razor-sharp memory but one of my heart medicines, a beta blocker, interferes with short term memory. Actually there's an interesting usage of beta blockers with trauma victims. It apparently reduces the likelihood of PTSD. Of course, this is bad news for people who actually WANT to remember things. It's really not as bad as it sounds, it just gets frustrating sometimes.

So I got some cash for Christmas (as in real cash, not just a check or something) and I've been doing all of my spending from that, so I haven't needed to visit the ATM in a month. This is bad news because now I have completely forgotten my PIN (note I did not say "PIN Number," because that's inherently redundant). I've forgotten it once before but magically remembered it a little while later. This time, it's not coming back. It's like "Oh, I think there was an X. Or a multiple of X? Or was it Y? Or a multiple of Y?" GAH! No clue!

So I tried 2 different combinations at the ATM and quit while I was ahead. I think they only give you like 3 or 4 tries before it eats your card, and I didn't want to stand there blindly guessing and have to go retrieve my card later. I checked on the net about getting a new PIN and they said I could either call or go into a branch office. I'm assuming if I call they'll have to mail it to me and that will take another week or so, and I'll be cashless (as well as debit cardless) and that makes me supremely nervous. So I will have to go in on Monday and see if they're able to change it for me right there. What a pain!

In other news, my iPod Mini, Wolfie, died an unexpected death. All of a sudden my computer wasn't recognizing the USB device. I couldn't get any response out of Wolfie and I assumed her battery was dead. This was very disconcerting. I finally called tech support (read: Kevin) and he futzed around a bit and then reset the iPod and all is now well. As it happens every once in a while, there's a software update, so I set off to download it. It's taking forever. DSL ShmeeSL, it's going to take a full 20+ minutes at the rate it's going now. Hey, good time to blog!

Posted by Shelby at January 22, 2006 12:37 PM
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